At its best, I believe that the reflective practice at the core of thoughtful evaluation has the power to help organizations, projects, and individuals accelerate their growth and expand their impact.

For me, evaluation is all about turning data into understanding how things work and guiding practical change that betters people, organizations, and communities.

Evaluation and Development Specialist

Although approaches to research and evaluation can be abstract and increasingly complicated, I don’t think they have to be. I believe the best work is co-created to produce transparent, approachable, and meaningful results.

I enjoy teasing out trends in data and showing the impact and importance of the programs we serve. I feel very lucky to be involved in the wonderful work our clients are doing for our kids and communities.

Finance Manager

I am the Accounting and Office Manager for all things Apex. Along with that, I handle payroll and human resources for our employees, and help with keeping the office running smoothly.

Project Support Specialist

I am a firm believer that human connection is our purpose, and the first step of that connection is a commitment to understanding diverse experiences.

Data Entry Specialist

My focus is to find order in chaos and implement systems that help my brilliant and talented co-workers achieve their goals.

Chief Operations Officer

Leaning on a strong foundation of project management experience, I take an overarching view of client projects to ensure that expectations are clear, milestones are met, and plans are in place to support successful delivery.

Senior Evaluator

I believe in centering marginalized communities in the design, execution, sense-making, and reporting of evaluation activities, and in the ownership of data.