I view evaluation activities as essential to informing program development and demonstrating impact, and I enjoy working with partners so that evaluation is a useful and gratifying experience. I have honed my skills to ask pertinent questions, synthesize data, and effectively communicate results. My recent work underscores my commitment to practical and impactful evaluation methodologies, driving positive outcomes in diverse domains. 

Currently at Apex, I primarily lead evaluation efforts for school-based health centers, playing a pivotal role in operationalizing a comprehensive data system across multiple regional networks and in alignment with national data reporting and advocacy objectives. This initiative aims to streamline data collection, analysis, and reporting, ultimately improving the impact and efficiency of these vital health centers.

Background and Education

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Certificate in Global Health as well as a Master of Science in Population Health Sciences. I bring over six years of hands-on experience in assessing and enhancing the effectiveness of health- and wellbeing-focused initiatives. My other recent experiences include planning, facilitating, and evaluating programs across the fields of community-based nutrition education, community food systems, primary care solutions for pain management, and education.