We’re a great team and we’re always growing.

Imagine evaluation that makes a difference. Imagine evaluation that inspires. Imagine evaluation that leads to thriving.

It’s possible to transform information into knowledge, theory into practice, and research into reality. That’s evaluation that works. We partner with a wide range of programs and projects that address barriers to academic and social success. Our primary area of growth has been in programs related to health and social services – particularly those related to school-based health, including school-based health centers, after-school programs, teen pregnancy, and suicide prevention programs. We work with state-level agencies, schools, universities, and community-based organizations.

Now seeking a full-time Research Associate/Evaluator.

This position requires someone with a passion for program evaluation as well as training and experience in evaluation planning, data collection, data management and analysis, reporting, and facilitating client relationships and learning. Depending on a candidate’s level of training and experience, this position could be entry-level (Research Associate) or more advanced (Evaluator).

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