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How do I request that Apex create a new account for the Data Hub?

To request that an account is created for the Apex Data Hub, send an email to with the following information:

    1. Your name
    2. Your email address
    3. Site(s) for which you will be entering data

When Apex has received that information, we will create your account. You will receive an email with a link and steps to follow to finish creating your account.

I am having trouble logging into the Apex Data Hub.

Please see our log in guide for help.

How do I add or edit a provider in the Apex Data Hub?

Please see our written guide and video tutorial.

How do I add or edit a site's hours of operation in the Apex Data Hub?

Please see our written guide.

When I try to access certain areas of the Hub, I just see a spinning loading screen.

The Apex Data Hub has been designed to work with Google Chrome. If you are using another web browser, please switch to the Google Chrome. This should resolve your issue.

I have filled out my report completely, but it is not showing as complete (i.e. giving a green check mark). What is missing from my report?

If you go through the section that is missing the check mark you should keep an eye out for any answers that have a red line or indicator near them. That means that answer is either missing or entered incorrectly. If you do not see any red, then there may be a link on the page that would direct you to information you may need to finish your report. If you did not need to follow the link to finish your report, you will need to click the link to open it at least once before the section will acknowledge that all information has been entered.

If you still can’t locate the cause of the report not being marked complete email for further assistance.

How can school-based health centers be assured that the data will be transferred and housed securely, in compliance with HIPAA regulations?

Apex’s business associate agreement outlines the assurances and safeguards we take to secure protected health information (PHI) as required by HIPAA. Data are secured through encrypted, password-protected transmission and within the Apex Data Hub, which meets all security requirements. Our staff members are all trained in HIPAA; we conduct all recommended audits; and we maintain all recommended written policies and procedures for administrative, technical and physical safeguards.

How do I recover a lost or forgotten PIN?

Send an email to to request that your PIN be sent to you.

What is Apex Data?

Apex Data is a tablet application that offers efficient data collection, instant feedback, intuitive reporting tools, automatic record syncing, and reliable security.

Where can I download Apex Data?

Apex Data is currently available on the App Store.

How much does Apex Data cost?

The application is free to download. The cost of developing and supporting a survey tool is dependent on many different factors – contact us for your custom quote.

Will there be technical support for use of Apex Data?

Apex provides a high level of personalized tech support for all of our clients. If you are not able to find the answers to your questions here, you can email for any technical support requests you might have.

How secure is Apex Data?

Apex Data and all of our work with Apex Apps are HIPAA and FERPA compliant, and all data is encrypted for security.

Can we install Apex Data on our existing iPads?

Yes. It is recommended that sites use an iPad Air or newer to ensure Apex Data works as intended. These iPads need to be dedicated for clinic use only. The iPads provided are not for personal use.

What is my site login information for the Apex Data application?

To get the correct login information, please email with the name of the site you are trying to add.

I need to add my clinic to the Apex Data application. How do I add the clinic and switch between multiple locations if needed?

First, you will need to contact for the login information for your clinic. Then refer to our guide on adding locations and switching between location accounts.

How do I get a PIN for the Apex Data application?

If a new PIN is needed, please send an email to with your name, email address, and sites to which you are requesting access.

How do I recover a lost or forgotten PIN?

Send an email to to request that your PIN be sent to you.

What is my Apple ID username and password?

If you are using an iPad that was provided or configured by Apex, you can contact for the Apple ID information. If the iPad you are using was not provided or configured by Apex, please contact whomever originally configured the iPad.

How do I log out of an Apple ID?

From the home page, tap Settings > iTunes & App Store.

Tap on the Apple ID.

Tap Sign Out.

You can now enter your Apple ID and password, and tap Sign In. If you don’t have an Apple ID, tap Create New Apple ID.

A new PIN was created, but the new account is not working on one or more iPads. How do I refresh the users to make the PIN active?

Please see our guide for how to refresh users.

How can the accounts of providers or users who are no longer active be deleted?

To have a provider or user removed, send an email to and Apex will delete the account.

How do I create a account?

Check out our guide on how to sign up for Box.

How do I gain access to the folder for my site?

If you need Box access for your site, have someone who already has access to the Box folder send an email request to for you to be invited to the shared folder.

I have a Box account, but I cannot see the shared folder for my site.

Either there has not been an invite sent to grant you access to your site’s shared folder, or the password you are using for your Box account is not secure enough. Your password must meet the following requirements:
i. A minimum of 8 characters
ii. At least one capital letter
iii. At least one lowercase letter
iv. At least one number
v. At least one special character

How do I download reports from Box so I can attach them to my electronic health record (EHR)?

Check out our guide on how to download from Box.

How do I log in to Box in Apex Data on an iPad?

See our guide for logging into Box from the iPad.

How do I upload a patient report to Box?

How do I change the Box folder to which my patient reports are saved?

See our guide for changing a Box folder.

How do I print a report directly from the iPad to a wireless printer?

Please see our written guide for printing from an iPad.

What is being measured with the visit data?

The visit data provides the following site-specific information:

    1. Number of visits by gender, age, race/ethnicity, and insurance status
    2. Types of visits (acute visit, preventative visit, psychotherapy, care coordination, etc.) by service provider (primary care provider, behavioral health provider, dietician, etc.)
    3. Diagnoses associated with the visit (UTI, asthma, depression, well-child care, STI screening, etc.)
    4. Procedures performed (throat culture, immunization administration, blood draw)

Patient and visit level data allow for analysis between and among these data elements.

What patient data are being sent to Apex?

The data include demographic information, insurance status, provider type, and CPT and ICD-10 codes for every visit.

What if our data are already linked by a primary identification across primary, behavioral, and oral health care patient records?

If an SBHC has already linked the data and the SBHC is not using Apex Data (Just Health, PHQ-9, SCARED, etc.) to collect patient information in the clinic, then an SBHC can use the Limited Data Set option, which suppresses names and identifications. The Limited Data Set is still PHI, but with a lower level of exposure.

What advantages, if any, are there to collecting and using the visit data for evaluation over using claims data?

Both visit data and Medicaid claims data were analyzed by the evaluators. The team concluded that the visit data is superior to claims data in terms of quality improvement and evaluation for a number of reasons:

i. Claims data is from a billing perspective, not a patient visit perspective. The visit data is more comprehensive. Unlike claims data, the visit data includes visits billed but not visits paid, visits not submitted for reimbursement (such as confidential visits), and visits of uninsured patients and private pay patients (that may or may not be submitted for reimbursement). Additionally, Medicaid claims data is limited to only claims paid by one public payer source.

ii. For some of the SBHCs, the visit data also includes visits to the behavioral health provider, which are not captured through the claims data.

iii. The visit data is more readily available for evaluation and quality improvement purposes. There is a lag time and potential cost to getting Medicaid claims data.

iv. The visit data has the potential to capture unbilled services not otherwise captured in claims data, such as activities with recognized CPT codes (and corresponding diagnosis codes), including follow-up telephone calls, case management, care coordination, and group health education.

v. The collection and analysis of visit data is an important aspect of tracking services and improving the quality of service delivery. It is also necessary for program evaluation and accounting for state dollars spent for SBHC services. Visit data analysis can assist SBHCs in meeting the requirements of Meaningful Use Adoption of electronic health records.

Does the visit data tell the story of what school-based health centers do?

The SBHC story is only as good as the data provided by SBHCs. For many SBHCs, the use of electronic health records (EHRs) is new. Becoming familiar with the features of the EHR and assuring that all the critical data fields are accurately captured takes time to learn. Significant improvements in the visit data have been achieved since the beginning of the project, given Apex’s ongoing technical assistance and quality improvement support.

Has Apex incorporated attendance and grade information into the school-based health center data?

Attendance and grades are secondary sources that may be incorporated at the school level, not at the individual student/patient level.