The data solution when there is no one data solution.

Evaluation runs on data, which relies on efficient and effective data collection, management, analysis, and reporting. At the heart of our technology strategy is the Apex Data System, which runs on two platforms: mobile and web. Here we integrate multiple technologies and data sources including our own mobile and web-based screening tools.

The Apex Data System isn’t just for evaluation. Implementation runs on data, too. We use technology to connect evaluation and implementation in ways that make both better.

Apex Data Hub

We live in a world overflowing with data. Information is plentiful but not always useful. At Apex, we strive to put the right data in the right hands at the right moment. We work to transform data to knowledge. This requires collecting relevant data from a variety of sources, relating it in an integrated way, and creating reports that answer questions about process, quality, and outcomes – all to drive a cycle of reality testing, learning, and improvement.

This mix of quantitative and qualitative data helps us take broad and multiple perspectives. It builds confidence in our findings and considers the story behind the data. We can ask and answer our initial questions as well as questions we haven’t even formed yet. The Data Hub supports the agility and depth that is needed when evaluation is about learning.

Apex Data App

The Apex Data App deploys custom-built assessments tailor-made for our specific client needs. The app provides immediate reports using the responses from our data collection tools.

Our flagship risk screen, Just Health™, works to improve communication between adolescent patients and healthcare providers. Just Health™ includes domains of home and school life, health behaviors, safety and injuries, feelings and well-being, sexual health, and substance use – and the interconnection between conditions and risk factors that cut across domains.

Data Output Reports

Apex provides detailed, yet easy-to-read output reports in addition to simple reporting. Click below for a couple of great examples:

Visit Data Snapshot

Just Health™ Patient Report