I am the chief of staff for Apex, serving as a point of connection between leadership and staff and maintaining organizational systems that enable Apex to do what we do best. I also communicate Apex’s unique vision and mission to our larger community of partners and assist Apex in building our relationships with current and prospective clients. The best aspect of my role is the opportunity to connect people with each other and with solutions for the complex issues that Apex’s work addresses.

Background and Education

I came to Apex after establishing an administrative and teaching career in the private educational sector. I worked with diverse populations of students and faculty, teaching grades K-5, coordinating Student Services, and acting as Director of Admission.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational/Interpersonal Communication and am fascinated with how human beings relate to one another, express needs, and work collaboratively. After earning my undergraduate degree I pursued coursework at Duke University, directing my studies toward community engagement.

Outside Apex, I devote my time to family, getting creative in the kitchen, enjoying time in nature, and reading good books.