Project Support Specialist

I handle internal activities and bridge the connection between Apex and our external collaborators.

Data & Compliance Specialist

The most rewarding part of my job with Apex is the ability to collaborate with our partners in health care whose main goal is to provide better outcomes for children and adolescents.

Customer Support Specialist

Working at Apex allows me to combine my mental health education, my passion for helping underserved populations, my perspective as both a clinician and a software manager, and my general technical skills and expertise.

Project Support Specialist

My aim is to assist in the creation of an environment where data can flow freely and barriers can be discussed openly so resolutions are found quickly.

Evaluation Program Manager

The best aspect of my job is the collective learning we do about what makes evaluation equitable and how to make it work across sectors and problems, so that it helps improve lives.

President & CEO

I am the chief evangelist for Apex’s approach to evaluation and am passionate about our vision: Evaluation that works.

Building on my experiences in evaluation, sociology, and public health, I partner with organizations to develop frameworks and systems for the implementation and evaluation of their programs and services.

Project Support Coordinator

I enjoy the fact that the work we do here at Apex is helping the people we work with and the communities they serve.

As an evaluator at Apex, I lean on my experiences in the nonprofit and public sectors to help me leverage values and techniques from participatory, developmental, and systems thinking evaluation approaches.

Project Manager

I love that I get to work internally with my team and externally with the key players and our champions who are rolling out programs to underserved populations.