In my Technical Project Coordinator role, I prioritize the user experience, such as barriers and successes when using our product. Processing this information to develop our user interface helps Apex provide the necessary support our project partners require. I enjoy solving problems, creating support systems, and exercising creativity in my daily work. Engaging with our project partners and various Apex teams is an exciting position to occupy. This opportunity allows me to plant, nurture, and celebrate the seeds of our efforts as they develop into a garden of insight. I look forward to meeting and working with you. Ask me about photography or tell me a cherished memory sometime to break the ice.

Background and Education

My background includes nearly a decade in the automotive repair industry, occupying positions from technician to service writer, shop foreman, and general manager. Systems thinking was not only a mental model we practiced and shared, it was the key to success (pun intended). In my various attempts to find more fulfilling work, I found myself trying different work environments from office administration, to bookkeeping and IT. At this time I am working toward improving my professional and personal skills as I shift into a Technical Project Management career pathway. 

Outside of Apex I find myself pushing my photography skills, enjoying our beautiful wilderness, and on occasion I find myself still working on cars (repairs and for fun).