Apex collaborated with the Roadrunner Food Bank to assess food security needs and assets in the South Valley and International District neighborhoods of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Apex partnered with five organizations that facilitated food distributions in these neighborhoods to collect data from community members. Findings showed that food security cannot sufficiently be addressed without also addressing the underlying needs of economic security. Community members offered recommendations that focused on:

  1. Supporting community gardening;
  2. Collaborating with businesses to provide more food stores nearby;
  3. Making food options and other costs of living more affordable, which also relates to creating a safer and cleaner neighborhood to live in; and
  4. Engaging with government and elected officials to support all of the efforts.

Community needs were also framed in the context of policies that create racial disparities and the decades-long trends of increasing costs of living.


No Food Security Without Economic Security: Executive Summary


No Food Security Without Economic Security: Addressing Hunger in Two Albuquerque Communities