Apex has evaluated the statewide network of SBHCs in New Mexico for over 10 years, and partners with other organizations – including the national School-Based Health Alliance (SBHA) – to align and promote effective evaluation practices for SBHCs. The Apex Data Hub brings together operational, screening, clinical, academic, and patient feedback to produce integrated reporting to answer evaluation questions that revolve around process, quality, and outcomes. NM SBHC constituents from clinic level to state level have timely access to data to inform and guide their work with a low burden of data collection. Data has been useful for compliance and accountability as well as learning and advocacy. Apex supports 53 SBHCs serving about 16,144 patients across New Mexico. We continue to work on capturing telehealth and mobile truck visits as part of ongoing efforts to expand the reach of SBHCs in the state.

ANNUAL REPORT (2021 – 2022)