I am very passionate about adolescent health: Their mental health, their sexual health, their physical health, and most importantly their access to the medical care they need. In my role as Evaluator, I have the privilege to work with youth-serving programs across the country where I provide assistance with program planning, development, and implementation. I enjoy teasing out trends in data and showing the impact and importance of the programs we serve. I appreciate Apex and our incredible team’s commitment to equitable evaluation and our approaches to the work, ensuring our clients’ and communities’ stories are shared in meaningful and useful ways. I feel very lucky to be involved in the wonderful efforts our clients are pursuing to enrich the lives of our kids and communities.

Background and Education

I have been with Apex since 2013 and have enjoyed the evolution of our company and the innovative nature of our work. I grew up in Edgewood, New Mexico, east of Albuquerque, and now reside there with my husband, kids, and four dogs. I am most inspired by family, friends, music, and the enjoyment of life.

I am a first-generation college graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with a minor in Psychology and a Master of Public Health degree with a concentration in Epidemiology from the University of New Mexico. I am currently pursuing a Master of Health Administration at the University of New Mexico. My lived experience gives me the perspective of what it’s like to grow up in poverty, having to face adverse childhood experiences, and the effects these types of trauma have on a person, both developmentally and as a functioning adult.

My personal, professional, and educational journeys have exposed me to many social issues facing our communities, and I am grateful I get to help influence needed change.