Being part of [the Meaningful Math for Student Success] initiative has been the highlight of my academic career. I am so grateful to have had my work supported by you and others from Apex. The work you did was truly top notch and enabled me to be a better PI and for our grant to help reach more students.

Central New Mexico Community College, Albuquerque, NM
Barbara Gilbert

“I love Just Health. For the five minutes it takes the student to happily complete it using the iPad, I get valuable patient history that might be difficult to get otherwise due to time constraints and/or the discomfort of asking sensitive questions outright. I feel that the students are honest because of the format and how the questions are presented. I have had many important and enlightening conversations and have made potentially life-saving referrals based on Just Health.”

Poudre School District, CO

Mary-Beth Thorne, PA-C

“There is no way that I would want to see teens without these tools. Just Health starts patients thinking about some of the things we will be talking about during the visit, so they are prepared to discuss sensitive topics with less warm up time. Great tool and great time saver. Thank you.”

Westminster Public Schools, CO

Ann Morales

“Using Just Health made it so much easier for our physicians and counselors to see which of our students were struggling with depression, drugs and alcohol, unsafe environments, unprotected sex, and keeping grades up. The iPads let the physicians and counselors see immediately where students are struggling in life, so they could get them the resources needed.”

Silver High School, NM

CariSue Flores

“Using the iPads reduced the amount of time the providers had to devote to scoring the assessments by providing instant scoring and feedback for the providers to share with patients.”

New Mexico Alliance for School-Based Health Care, NM

Sabrina Owens

“Adolescents and teens seem to share their thoughts more completely in electronic media rather than on a piece of paper. The answers we are getting are more complete and allow us to address concerns at a deeper level than we previously could.”

STRIDE Community Health Center, Aurora, CO

Laura Swanson, CPNP

“Implementation of the Apex program has actually improved flow in the clinic. Most importantly, I have found the extended questionnaires have picked up on many patients who would be missed otherwise. We have implemented use on all ages, all visit types.”

STRIDE Community Health Center, CO

Elizabeth Kane, PNP

“We truly believe Just Health was a game changer. It has allowed us to find and intervene with many issues that would not have otherwise been revealed and addressed. The iPad has been so crucial in allowing ‘the space between’ for adolescents to open up and mention their issues.”

Roaring Fork Schools, CO

Lisa Robbiano & Ivy Hansen