Vision & Mission

The vision of Apex Evaluation is “evaluation that works.” We work with organizations that are addressing barriers to health, academic, and social success for vulnerable children, youth, and families. We start with data and end with insight. We use thinking supported by technology, combining the best of both to create change. We think evaluation empowers individuals and communities to grow from vulnerability to resilience to thriving. That’s evaluation that works.

How we work.

Apex cultivates relationships, supports evaluation, and elevates our work, creating longstanding partnerships. Our clients say it best. Our dynamic evaluation cycle includes planning and modeling the evaluation process; collecting and managing information; analyzing and interpreting data; and harnessing our human expertise to report and think about results. We build knowledge by combining thinking with information, using technology to discover, design and deploy solutions that support our evaluation work.

Who we are.

Our thinking is characterized by distinctions, systems, relationships and multiple perspectives.
We connect to support our work, build trust, and deliver timely results.
We are constantly learning, agile in the face of change, and invite appropriate risk.