I work with the Apex team and leadership to build trusting partnerships, solve complex problems, and implement scalable processes. My interest is in working with conscious leaders and teams to grow companies that lead to satisfying work opportunities for people living and working in New Mexico. At times my work involves developing novel team building activities that engage team members in thinking differently, solving issues for their clients, working collaboratively, and generating team cohesion. At other times, I work with the leadership team to identify what processes could be improved and how to improve them, then work to make it so. I’ve discovered in my ongoing work with Apex that when we start with why, clarify our vision, and articulate a clear mission, we can make choices that are aligned and responsive to what needs to be done in the moment and for the long view.

Background and Education

My work with Apex began in the summer of 2018 after being invited to support a team-building initiative. This work grew from my passion for helping teams collaborate on important objectives. My education at San Francisco State University is in Developmental Psychology and Holistic Health, which led to an interest in standard of living and its necessity for the attainment of higher goals in work and life. Born in Scotland, I moved to California in my teen years, enjoying an enriching life in the Bay Area. I now find New Mexico to be a special place to live and – as such – it is my new home. I love the vistas, the feeling of openness, and the unique opportunities I’ve discovered here. I’m fortunate to be able to enjoy the outdoors, contemplate the purpose of life, and watch my three-legged dog chase rabbits.