a.horner@apexeval.org  |  505.798.6970


I am a Research Associate at Apex. Utilizing a unique skill set and unconventional experience, I creatively support the dynamic needs of our diverse clients. I coordinate and manage client communication and relations, gather and analyze qualitative and quantitative data, create reports that demonstrate evaluative learning, write grants and participate in quality program design. This work touches everything from community schools to promoting the success of underrepresented students in STEM, as well as place-based efforts to support youth leaders. I enjoy creating space for clients to reflect on their work, understand the impact it’s having and make informed choices for the future.

Background and Education

I’ve always been interested in complex sociological challenges and community-based solutions. This curiosity has lent itself to the exploration of the interdisciplinary arenas that make up social sciences. As a result, I’ve worked and volunteered in fields ranging from research to community organizing, experiential education to politics, and environmental efforts to health and community building. I came to Apex to infuse this experience into the application of evolutionary evaluation that supports the efficacy and impact of these approaches. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota in Individualized Studies with an emphasis on Social Sciences, Youthwork and Spanish Language Studies. Outside of my work with Apex I teach and practice Yoga, landscape and act.