This blog offers quick, practical tips and tools to help real people in busy nonprofits use data and evaluation for learning. We are lucky to work with many talented and passionate people in nonprofits. Evaluation often feels like an extra step that is pretty far removed from the daily work of nonprofits. We know this makes some people question the value of evaluation.

If you are one of these people…it doesn’t have to be like this! As evaluators, we can help you use evaluation for learning about your work. We know some things about evaluation and bring that to the table. Other people (executive directors, program staff, program participants, funders) bring other – equally important – perspectives and knowledge to the table.

We also know many nonprofits can’t pay for an external evaluator. We believe nonprofits can do many small things use data and evaluation for learning, even if you never work with an external evaluator.

Some of this blog is about demystifying evaluation. Some is about sharing practical strategies and tools so you don’t have to spend hours searching the internet. All of this blog is about better supporting nonprofits to use evaluation for learning…that includes learning what you are doing well and how you can keep improving!