Creating a data validation spreadsheet

We All Need to be Validated

Do you collect data in Excel spreadsheets? Well, if you do, you are not alone. And for some situations, it is an Excel-lent (pun intended) tool for collecting data. Excel is even better when you know a few quick tips that make it easier to collect the data you want and harder to collect the…

Illustration of a string tied a round a finger, to help remember something.

Friendly Reminders

Do you ever forget to do something that’s really important? Or, do you use your smart phone or computer to remind you what you are supposed to do? I am one of those people who has to make lists to remember what lists I already made. I probably wouldn’t remember where I live if my…

A bowl of soup with a spoon holding alphabet letters, dark background

Alphabet Soup

Do you ever feel intimidated when people start throwing around words like objectives, indicators, outcomes, and performance measures? Be honest, does your brain start to shut down a little bit, particularly when other words are added to the mix like SMART objectives or priority indicators or strategic outcomes? At the least, do you get confused…