Vision & Mission

We work with organizations that are addressing barriers to health, academic, and social success for vulnerable populations. We start with data and end with insight. We use thinking supported by technology, combining the best of both to create change. We think evaluation empowers individuals and communities to grow from vulnerability to resilience to thriving.

Our Vision:

Evaluation that Works

Our vision is simple and ambitious: Evaluation that works. It’s a response to the myriad ways in which evaluation and data have not worked well for organizations addressing complex issues or the people and communities most affected by them. We strive to make evaluation participatory, authentic, and meaningful for all stakeholders.

Our Mission:

To Facilitate Learning

We pursue our vision with a mission of learning rooted in systems thinking. An era of rapid change requires accelerated learning, which requires slower, more deliberate thinking inclusive of diverse perspectives. This is how we bridge the gap between data and insight. Evaluation works better when learning includes:

  • Promoting and facilitating the thinking needed to inform innovation and systemic change;
  • Stimulating and guiding continuous learning from data to bring about meaningful and lasting change; and
  • Identifying and addressing bias and misuse of data.