Our company is constantly expanding and evolving, and we can’t wait to see where we go next. We are passionate about the work we do, and we believe in our approach to evaluation. We harness the extensive and diverse experience of our stellar team to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

We love what we do and who we work with.


Carlos Romero

President, Senior Evaluator

I am the chief evangelist for Apex’s approach to evaluation and am passionate about our vision: Evaluation that works.

Nancy Hood, Ph.D.

Senior Evaluator

My favorite part of my job is reflecting data back to programs and funders to help them celebrate successes and identify ways to get even better.

Olga Glinkskii


I am passionate about establishing and maintaining a collaborative environment with our clients and I am always eager to facilitate new and exciting business development opportunities for them.

Jamie Duvall

Project Manager

I keep track of project deliverables and cultivate relationships with our clients. I feel very lucky to be involved in the wonderful work our clients are doing for our kids and communities.

Research Associates

Anna Horner

Research Associate

I enjoy creating space for clients to reflect on their work, understand the impact it’s having and make informed choices for the future.

Jacqueline Eckman

Research Associate

My passion is mainly in data analysis. I use statistical analysis programs such as SPSS to transform raw data into usable information. 

Kyle Thordahl

Research Associate

I chose to work at Apex because I’m inspired by the way we utilize data to make it accessible in ways that promote positive change.


Suzanne Doty

Office Manager

I am the Accounting and Office Manager for all things Apex. Along with that, I handle payroll and human resources for our employees, and help with keeping the office running smoothly.

Lucas Fillinger

Systems Manager

By working for Apex, I am able to fulfill my desire to work with technology in unison with my passion for social science.

Allison Johnson

Communication Specialist

The best aspect of my role is the opportunity to connect people with each other and with solutions for the complex issues that Apex’ work addresses.

Brenda Hutcherson

HIPAA Compliance Officer

I am responsible for the billing for a few of the NM School Based Health Centers as well as some of the data analysis and reporting for both NM and Colorado SBHCs.

Stephanie Soto

Technical Support

I am passionate about our app and what it is designed to do! It’s designed to help our youth and community thrive.


Michelle Bloodworth, Ph.D.

Evaluation Consultant

I seek to engage multiple stakeholder groups in designing and conducting program evaluations that lead to program improvement and organizational capacity building.

Shannon Morrison, Ph.D.

Evaluation Consultant

I believe my participatory approach to evaluation gives programs a better chance at achieving their goals and documenting their value.

Sarah Nickels, Ph.D.

Evaluation Consultant

As a consultant, I support evaluation design and implementation for Just Health and school-based health center projects.  My work with Apex aligns with my passion for evaluation that advances social change.

Catherine Bornhorst

Evaluation Consultant

I love the challenge of presenting data and information that is powerful – substantively and aesthetically.

Maureen Daly, M.D.

Clinical Consultant

I’m passionate about the School Based Health Center model and assuring that children and youth get the care they need to live long, healthy and meaningful lives.